Margaritaville Puerto Rico

Hello everyone! We just returned from a test run of our newest location Margaritaville Puerto Rico. (Tough job but someone’s got to do it!) We arrived at the San Juan Airport just after 4pm in early April. It was a very sunny day and around 85 degrees F. Once we secured our luggage we strolled over to the very convenient car rental center just across the street. Be aware when renting a vehicle, there are several off site rental locations so I recommend choosing a location at the airport. We chose Hertz…….. We’re off!

From the airport we took the main highway all the way to the resort area. Along the way, we noticed just how “Americanized” everything was without losing the charm of the culture. The roads to the resort were very nice, 4 lanes all the way until we exited the main road for the resort. Everything was very well marked and we had no problem finding our way. We made a quick stop at the conveniently located grocery store just a few minutes from the resort to pick up needed supplies (snack foods, bottled water and of course a few adult beverages!) After leaving the main Highway we traveled slightly up the mountain and were soon greeted at the resorts Guard House. He pointed our way and before you know it we were greeted by the valet service at the resort.

The original resort was the Rio Mar. Recently, Wyndham converted the resort so that half of the resort has been completely transformed into their new brand of Margaritaville Resorts. The other half still remains the Rio Mar. I suspect, in the near future, the remainder of the resort will become the new brand as well. Check in was quick and convenient and the margaritas immediately began to flow. Yes, they give you free Margaritas when checking in! Don’t turn down that perk. Drinks are expensive!

We immediately headed to our 1 bedroom Deluxe ocean view, quite nice and large, all in the Margaritaville style. We had an option of ocean view or mountain view. We chose ocean view and could not have been happier. We had a top floor, unobstructed view of the grounds, pool and ocean. It was close to dinner time and we were tired so we headed down to the pool and the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar. We ordered a few drinks and a couple of Cheeseburgers in Paradise and soon called it a day. We headed to our villa and relaxed after a long travel day.

The next day we explored the grounds of the property. Spectacular! Lots of green space, an almost private beach, several pools, a waterslide for the kids a swim up bar for the adults, volleyball area, fire pit and lots and lots of Iguana’s. The locals hate them but the tourists are fascinated by them. So much so, that they have a daily feeding of the iguanas for all of us gringos to experience. Inside the resort, there are several restaurants, all nice. There’s also a small casino on the same floor so just in case you have a rainy day, you can always be entertained. The concierge service is also located on the main floor so you can always get helpful information about the area.

During our 5 night stay, we lounged on the beach, we rode Jet Skis at the resort, took ATV’s through the rain forest (5 minutes away), hiked to the waterfall at El Junque National Forest (5 minutes away) and toured Historic Downtown San Juan (30 minutes away). We also took a tour of the Bacardi Rum factory located in Downtown. It was a short tour but very interesting. They give you a brief history of the company, their exile from Cuba and the roots they planted in Puerto Rico. It was inexpensive and quite informative. The cost was about $15 per person but did include a Bacardi beverage of your choice.

The resort offers 4 restaurants but I recommend exploring other options. There’s an area a few minutes east of the resort known as The Kiosk. The Kiosk is a long strip mall looking area that has lots and lots of local restaurants. We always like to try the local cuisine and this is a great place to do it. They have all sorts of restaurants, some Americanized, so there’s something for everyone. The food here is inexpensive to moderately priced depending on which one you choose. This is definitely a place and experience worth trying. It was recently featured on the Travel Channel so you can probably Google the episode for Puerto Rico/Kiosks.

The great thing about this resort is you have the option to just stay on the resort and relax or there are so many fun and interesting things to do in the area you can really stay active. There are two nice golf courses at the resort as well. Because our trip was only 5 nights we were not able to take advantage of the golf but we will the next time…and I promise there will be many next times in our future!

Jeff Hudson, Co Owner
Wholesale Holiday Rentals


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